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I've done a LOT of research on the natural cures subject. Read a lot of books and countless websites. I've also played around with a bunch and based on my 'professional' opinion there are cures that stand head and shoulders above the others. Most of these cures have the best and strongest testimonials.

Key is understanding health why the placebo works (especially for surgery and drugs!). The theme for the best cures seems to be ...emotions play a bizarrely important factor in our health. Many herbal cures are I suspect placebos (not a bad thing). The most effective cures appear to have a more spiritual/vibrational/emotional/therapeutic component. At any rate, enough talk. Here is the list:

EMC2 aka AIM

Basically this is electronic homeopathy. The premise is that we and our ailments vibrate at certain frequencies. If you can find the frequency of the ailment, it can be exaggerated on a vibrational basis to the point where the body clearly notices it (and the emotional counterpart which vibrates at the same low frequency) and is able to deal with this. They use computers to scan people for new ailments/vibrational issues...and put these into a computer bank which blasts a photograph of yourself with a wide-spectrum of cures.

Sounds really odd, right? But it works...and is probably THE most effective cure for so many ailments like cancer. The originator 'Stephen Lewis' gained a lot prominence early on in LA as a homeopathy doctor who could deal with AIDS...from there he became very popular with Hollywood and a lot of celebrities. Courtneh Cox, Linda Grey and Phil Jackson (at one point the entire Laker team before the league protested) are all rumored to on the AIM program. If somebody were on cancer, this is absolutely the #1 cure I would recommend of the 1000's I've researched. For background, read 'Sanctuary: The Path to Consciousness' (VERY cheap at Amazon used). The downside to this program is that it is not very good at large parasites, joint issues and some types of diabetes. It is also a little pricey at about 1000 dollars a month (they do have discounts). Other than will probably work.

In theory you don't need AIM to heal yourself. You can address your negative emotions in other fashions and experience incredible healings in a similar manner...but outside the program. The trick is that AIM exposes and really makes transparent what these emotions are and where they are hiding which makes it easy to heal from these and their corresponding physical calamities.

Dr. John Sarno & TMS

For the most part, Dr. Sarno is a joint pain expert who many have given credit to for their miraculous healing from joint pain (and other bodily issues...more on that later). Basically Sarno was a normal doctor who specialized in treating joint problems, but made the observation that the pain people experienced didn't correlate with their structural deformities. He dug into this and made the discovery that the subconscious was and frequently does generate significant physical pain to distract the body from emotional issues it rather wouldn't address. Sounds off the wall, right? But without drugs and surgery, he found that when he explained this to people using exact language, people would experience incredible healings from crippling pain (even if they had structural damage!). For those that didn't heal, he sent to a competent therapists and that usually did the trick.

John Sarno really became popular when John Stossel did an amazing interview with him on 20/20 that you can see here. Now, John lives in NY and is probably pretty pricey to see in person, but you can read his books like 'Healing Back Pain' to which many have reported incredible healings, just by reading the book. John has come up with a name for this mechanism by which the subconscious creates physical pain to cover up embarrassing emotions which is called TMS. What's interesting is that he and doctors like him, have discovered that TMS affects quite a bit more than joint pain. In fact many common ailments like heart disease, cancer, and more are intricately linked with emotions (TMS).

Course in Miracles

The story starts in the 60's at Columbia University when two research psychiatrist stumbled upon the ultimate discovery in psychiatry. Helen Schucman would receive messages from beyond/within that described in great detail how the mind worked and the role healing it had in healing the body. This is an usual book with incredible statements (like time not existing) but goes deeper than any other book on mind/body/health subject than I have witnessed. The book is divided a foundation section, then lessons you take daily, then a manual for teachers.

To some extent this can seem like spiritual babble. Those who have taken these lessons have experienced miraculous recoveries such as no longer needing to wear glasses for myopia. Many have have also attained the ability to see halos and other 'unordinary' feats. This book is not for everyone and requires a certain open mindedness to appreciate. Of all the tools on this page...this one goes the deepest to address core emotional/bodily issues.

Regression Therapy

Many therapists have used hypnosis to discover deeply hidden problems. On occasion a number of them have inadvertently tapped into previous lives in which the patients describe incredible past lives (much of which has been cross referenced and verified as being accurate). What is interesting is that many patients describes current live physical problems as originating from past lives. Birthmarks would appear where they were shot. Neck pain from where they were hanged. Terror of water from a previous drowning. Often when the patient faces the emotional cause of their ailments...they experience incredible healings. What is interesting is that those who attacked us (and vice versa) often appear with us in this lifetime to give us the opportunity to heal. In a nutshell, you will keep hanging around your aggressor and their aggressions lifetime after lifetime until you forgive and are at peace with them and what they did. Many family members (especially parents...less so siblings) have this reoccurring aggressor/victim relationship.

There are many sources for regression can probably google the subject to find a local one, but I don't know how many are competent and focus on healing. There are also many interesting books on the subject. By far and away my favorite author is Michael Newton author of a number of past life regression books like: 'Journey Of Souls Case Studies of Life Between Lives'. He goes into more details of how past life regression works than anybody else I've found. Perhaps the most popular author on the subject is Brian Weiss, author of a number of books including: 'Many lives, many masters'.

The best past life regression book that focuses on healing is probably 'Remarkable Healings: A Psychiatrist Discovers Unsuspected Roots of Mental and Physical Illness' by Shakuntala Modi. Again, Dr. Modi helps patients heal themselves of incredible ailments with past life regression (often to confront and be at peace with their violent deaths), but this book has a twist. She discovered that many ailments had a certain 'intelligence to them' that persisted through lifetimes. Let's just call them demons. At any rate, confronting these demons who gained entry like pollutants during emotional traumatic events was often enough coupled with forgiveness of the past life aggressor to effect an incredible healing. Now she didn't confront the demon herself...more so what the patient wasn't forgiving...and ultimately a prayer to god to be free of negative external entities and their influences was enough to send down an angel to make things 'holy' again. Interesting book that is well worth the read.

Meddlesome Discarnate Entities

Another fantastic subject :) Most people believe in existence after death and that there exist entities outside of this realm (like ghosts, dead relatives, angels, etc...). Not all entities have incarnated on earth and not all are interested in our well being. You can call them demons or whatever, but it appears they do exist. Shakuntala Modi does the best job in explaining how this works. The gist is that all entities need 'energy' to survive (like food, sunlight, emotions support, etc...). High level entities are closest to 'god' and can receive energy directly. But they can also act like transformers and step down the energy (like electricity) so it is available for you and me (higher level energy is too potent for us). Certain people can actually prey on the energy of others (energy vampires) which can create interesting group dynamics. Certain entities (including those without bodies) vibrate at such a low level that they can't receive their energy from 'god' or our plane of existence So what they have to do is to convince people to lower their energy level so they can feed on them. When you vibrate at a lower energy level through negative thoughts you've stepped down your energy level and invited dark entities to feed (and create persistent physical problems). Ultimately we invite these dark entities in with our dark thoughts...and ultimately the cure is to be at peace with what is causing dark emotions (forgiveness). We're all infected as long as we are on's just a matter of degree for the most part. What is interesting is that according to Modi's regressed patients, these dark entities have darker entities below them that feed on the 'higher level demons'.

What curious is that this is so consistent with the sources listed above (in that dark emotions are the cause of so many problems and forgiveness is the cure). Now to what extent entities (any really) are symbolic representations of our reality is a good question...and it is perhaps not them we should worry about but our emotional health...which can manifest all sorts of physical issues if it is off kilter. While dark emotions are the ultimate 'doorway' for 'demons' to enter, there are other sources. Drugs, booze and most mind altering substances are prominent gateways to this realm. Passing out is the worst...many of these entities hang around night clubs and bars and pounce into people as soon they pass out. Emotional and physically violent acts are doorways too. Cures have been described as running water (sometimes just walking over a water main can shake a trailing entity..perhaps the water reminds them of god). Garlic/sulfur can help and keep your surroundings neat and uncluttered. Entities can be 'caught' by hanging around the wrong people, areas and through sexual intercourse. OBE's can be another source of demons as can commonly be surgery interestingly enough.

I suspect things like garlic are more emotional placebos and that the emotions are the driving force in whether you are 'under the influence' or not. One of the more 'earthly' and perhaps not as pure guides (but interesting) to this subject is the author Robert Bruce who is the author of a number of books including: 'Practical Psychic Self Defense Handbook, The: A Survival Guide'. Ultimately, we ourselves always subconsciously invite in these entities. The easiest and most effect solution according to most sources is prayer. A prayer to god to be free of negative external entities and their influences supposedly usually results in an angel being sent down to right the ship and scare the demons away. This is usually temporary though as we usually just invite these entities back in to feed on us through our negative unholy thoughts. Perhaps prayer works by clarifying your emotional intent...I do not know.

Heal Your Body

This is a popular book written by Louise Hay that details what negative emotions correspond with specific ailments. So you can for example look cancer, you find it is about '...Deep Secret or Grief eating away at one self...'. I haven't read too much in the way of testimonials, but the way she mapped out all these ailments is fascinating and consistent with the above theme of cures.

There are a number of other energy/emotional healing techniques that I am not as familiar but will include to make this a nice reference page.

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