Natural Cures for Sinusitis

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Things to Avoid for Sinusitis

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Many times sinusitis can be caused by food allergies such as from wheat and dairy allergies.

One trick is to put apple cider vinegar in an evaporator (probably diluted with water somewhat) and then to inhale the fumes.  Supposedly the acid fumes can destroy the bacteria or virus causing the infection.  This comes from the book by Marie Nadine Antol called The Incredible Secrets of Vinegar.

Another trick is to consume it (ratio of 8 ounces of water to one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar roughly).  Do this every hour for 6-8 times.  Why this would work isn't clear but it could because it changes the PH of the body to something better able to ward off the infection.  This is advocated in the books Amazing Honey Garlic and Vinegar and Apple Cider Vinegar for Weight Loss and Good Health.

A third trick is to come with another mix of apple cider vinegar and water (preferably warm) and to sniff it into one nostril.  After it runs down the back of your throat, you can spit out.  This is beneficial for disinfecting and cleaning out mucus for the nose, throat and sinuses.

Please note that many of the cures on this website are in a state of incomplete progress. To simplify, I have created a 'best natural cures' page which I believe contain the most effective, non-drug, non-surgical cures available.