I would like to apologize for the incomplete state this website is in. I had bigger and bolder plans for this...but got overwhelmed. I have included some very nice external references that can pickup where I left off. Even better, I have compiled a 'best of the best' list of non-surgical/non drug cures. Check it out!

 Abscesses Endurance Muscular Cramps
 Acid Reflux/Indigestion Epilepsy Nail Fungus
 Acne Erectile Dysfunction  Nail-Problems
 Addictions Esophageal cancer Nausea
 ADHD Fainting Nearsightedness
 Age Spots Farsightedness Neuropathy
 Aging Fibromyalgia Night Blindness
 AIDS Flatulence Night Sweats
 Airplane Ears Food Poisoning Nose Bleed
 Allergies Fracture Obesity and Overweight
 Alzheimers Frostbite Osteoarthritis
 Anklyosing Spondylitis Fungal Infection Osteoporosis
 Anorexia Nervosa Gallbladder Disorders Ovarian Cancer
 Anxiety Gastritis Pancreatitis
 Asthma General Ailments Parkinson's Disease
 Astigmatism General Issues Pellagra
 Athletes Foot Genital Warts Peptic Ulcer
 Autism  Glaucoma Periodontal Disease
 Back Pain Gout Pet Sickness
 Bad Breath Gum Disease Pleurisy
 Bed Sores Hair Loss Pneumonia
 Bed-wetting Hangover Poison-Oak/Poison-Ivy
 Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia Hay-Fever Polio
 Beriberi Head Lice Prostate Cancer
 Birth Defects Headaches Prostatitis
 Bladder Infection Hearing Disorders Psoriasis
 Bleeding Heart Disease Psychosis
 Blisters Heartburn Rash
 Blood Clots Heat Exhaustion Raynaud's Disease
 Body Odor Heavy Metal Poisoning Retinopathy
 Boils Hemorrhoids Rheumatoid Arthritis
 Breast Cancer Hepatitis Ringworm
 Bronchitis Herpes Scarring
 Bruising Hiatal Hernia Schizophrenia
 Bulimia Hiccups Sciatica
 Bunions High Blood Pressure Scoliosis
 Burns High Cholesterol Sexual Dysfunction
 Bursitis Hives Shingles
 Cancer in General Hot Flashes Sickle Cell Anemia
 Candidiasis Hyperthyroidism Silicone Implant Disease
 Canker Sores Hypoglycemia Sinus Infections
 Carbuncles Hypothyroidism Sinusitis
 Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Impetigo Skin Cancer
 Cataracts Impotence Skin Tags
 Cellulite Infection Sleep Disorders
 Chapped Lips Inflammation Smelly Feet and Hands
 Chemical poisoning Insect Bites Sore Throat
 Chicken Pox Insomnia Splinters
 Chiggers Irregular Heartbeat Sports Injuries
 Chills Irritable Bowel Syndrome Sprains
 Chlamydia Itching Sties
 Chronic Fatigue Itchy Bottom Syndrome Stomach Cancer
 Chronic Pain Jaundice Stress
 Cirrhosis Jelly Fish Stings Stroke
 Cold Sores Jock Itch Sunburn
 Colds and Flu Joint Aches Swelling
 Colitis Kidney Disease Swimmers Ear
 Colon Cancer Kidney Stones Swine Flu
 Conjunctivitis Laryngitis Syphilis
 Constipation Leaky Gut Tendonitis
 Convulsions Leukemia Tinnitus
 Corns Liver Disease TMJ
 Cough Lung Cancer Tonsillitis
 Crohns Disease Lupus Tooth Aches
 Cuts Lyme Disease Tooth Decay
 Dandruff Macular Degeneration Trichomonas Vaginalis
 Depression Maleria Tuberculosis
 Dermatitis Ménière’s Disease Urinary Tract Infection
 Diabetes Memory & Cognition Problems Urinary-Problems
 Diaper Rash Menopause Side Effects Varicose Veins
 Diarrhea Menstrual Issues Vertigo
 Diverticulitis Mental Health Disorders Viral Infections
 Dizziness Migraines Vitiligo
 Dry Skin Moles Vomiting
 Dysentery Mononucleosis Warts
 Ear Infection Morning Sickness Whooping Cough
 Eczema Motion Sickness Worms
 Edema Multiple Sclerosis Wounds
 Emphysema Muscle Aches Yeast Infection