Natural Cures for Colds and Flu

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Things to Avoid for Colds and Flu

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Because colds are flues are viruses you would benefit from checking out my viral infection page where I will put most of my cures applicable for colds and viruses.

Hot drinks that can help with the cold include:

  • Hot lemonade, honey, vinegar, and cayenne
  • Tea from equal parts cinnamon, sage and bay leaves plus a touch of lemon juice.
  • Chamomile tea
  • Oregano and Hot Milk (which came from Morocco).
Popular herbs include garlic, chili pepper, and curry (hot spices can loosen mucus).  Other herbs include asafetida (Hing), ginger, echinacea, and astragulus (Huang Se).

Popular vitamins and minerals include vitamin C, and zinc (as with all minerals taking them in more complex or natural whole food supplements is always preferred.

Taking apple cider vinegar will make your body more alkaline which help counteract the cold and acidity it is associated with.

Some say you can wrap apple cider soaked towels (diluted 3 to 1 with water) to your calfs and this will alleviate the fever associated with colds and flues.

Please note that many of the cures on this website are in a state of incomplete progress. To simplify, I have created a 'best natural cures' page which I believe contain the most effective, non-drug, non-surgical cures available.