Natural Cures for Bad Breath

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Things to Avoid for Bad Breath

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Many who suffer from bad breath (aka halitosis) actually suffer helicobacter pylori (germs that cause ulcers).  Many have reported after being diagnosed and treated for their ulcers their bad breath has gone away.

Other causes include diabetes, liver disease, kidney failure, gum disease, tonsillitis, parasites, sinus infection, lung issues or tonsil issues.  Tonsils can actually trap food which causes it to decay and can cause bad breath.

Obviously you want to start with the basics and make sure you brush and floss.  Better then flossing is using an oral irrigator .  Basically it is a tool that blast a jet of water between your teeth.  You just run this through each gap you have in your teeth for a couple of seconds and you will be amazed how fresh feeling your mouth will feel, your gums will feel healthier, and your breath immediately improves dramatically.  I have one and I love it.

Be careful with mouth washes as there have been some studies that have shown they cause cancer (the natural ones are probably ok).

For garlic breath, some have suggested parsley as a cure.
Please note that many of the cures on this website are in a state of incomplete progress. To simplify, I have created a 'best natural cures' page which I believe contain the most effective, non-drug, non-surgical cures available.