Certo Cure

Like gin and raisins purple pectin or certo is a popular folk cure for arthritis with many claiming shocking positive results.  Purchase certo from your grocery store (pectin used to thicken jams) and take two teaspoons of certo and add three ounces of grape juice (preferable with no sugar or additives added and is organic as grapes don't have a thick skin to prevent absorption of many toxic chemicals like say bananas or oranges).

Effects will not be immediate but should take place in 1 to 2 weeks.

One of the keys of certo is probably the ingredients ctric acid and potassium citrate that affectedly alkalize the blood.  Acid blood causes oodles of problems including cancer and arthritis.  In fact many natural cure remedies revolve chiefly around alkalizing the body.

Foods with naturally high pectin content include grapefruits, apple (or apple cider vinegar), and grapes.  It is no wonder diets have sprung up around these foods!


Applicable for Certo

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