Ginkgo Cure

Ginkgo (aka gingko or ginkgo biloba) is in essence a blood thinner that can help a variety of mental ailments.  Ginkgo is also considered by many to aid against cancer as ginkco can normalize a cell PBR receptor (which controls how much cholesterol goes into the cell) and PBR receptors on cancer cells tend to go berserk.   Lastly, ginkgo is a powerful antioxidant. 

For those taking blood thinners (like aspirin) or antidepressants (which you should never use anyway for depression) then you should know the ginkgo mixed with these chemicals could cause problems.  There is some back and forth over the effectiveness of ginkco and possible side effects.  You'll have to make up your own mine.


Applicable for Ginkgo

  Vertigo Info   Tinnitus Info   Schizophrenia Info
  Depression Info   Retinopathy Info   Ovarian Cancer Info
  Multiple Sclerosis Info   Memory & Cognition Problems Info   Ménière’s Disease Info
  Macular Degeneration Info   Glaucoma Info   Erectile Dysfunction Info
  Diabetes Info   Bronchitis Info   Breast Cancer Info
  Asthma Info   Alzheimers Info   Aging Info
  Migraines Info   Vitiligo Info  
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