Miracle Mineral Solution Cure

The miracle mineral solution is a cure for viral, bacterial, and some parasite infections that has been popularized by Kevin Trudeau as one of his favorite natural cures.  The nice thing about MMS (28% solution of sodium chlorite in distilled water) is that it is unpatentable and therefore very cheap.

The miracle mineral solution is very significant because they claims are that it can cure HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis, Many cancers, Malaria, many STD's (like herpes), hepatitis, tuberculosis, heavy metal poisoning, and much, much more,   While these are stunning claims many have vouched that this does work.

Cramping and nausea can be a side effect but supposedly this can be a good thing as it means the body is dealing with all the dead pathogens and their waste material they left behind.

Applicable for Miracle Mineral Solution

  Itching Info   Irregular Heartbeat Info   Hives Info
  Herpes Info   Hepatitis Info   Gum Disease Info
  General Issues Info   General Ailments Info   Fungal Infection Info
  Esophageal cancer Info   Dandruff Info   Colon Cancer Info
  Colds and Flu Info   Chicken Pox Info   Candidiasis Info
  Cancer in General Info   Bronchitis Info   Breast Cancer Info
  Body Odor Info   Bladder Infection Info   Bad Breath Info
  AIDS Info    
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