Natural Salt Cure

While the common wisdom is that we get too much salt a popular alterative argument is that we don't get enough salt/and or the right type of salt.  
Today's table salt is mostly produced by artificially heating chemicals in a kiln and then it is filled with leavening agents and anti-caking agents, has Aluminum silicate (to make it pour nicely 'When it rains it pours")  and has been bleached to make it look white.  None of this should be added to salt, but the worst is the Aluminum Silicate which has been linked to a number of health problems.  60 years ago when salt really started to become processed a farmer in Utah fed his cows this new salt filled with flowing agents and messed up by kiln heat, and the result was cows with swollen ankles that later died of congestive heart failure.  The scary thing is we're consuming this same salt today.  The thing with the anticaking agents and flowing agents is that they are messing the way salt facilitates cell absorption of minerals/nutrients and excretion of waste products of the cell.

The other major problem with today's table salt is that the processing has removed all the great essential minerals from it (about 80+) so in the end it is just pure salt (plus additives).   This is important because when body is deficient in minerals, the cells (in an attempt to get more mineral) hang on to more water than they should which can cause high blood pressure (yes the irony) and other problems.  The nice thing about the minerals in unprocessed salt is that they are soluable which the body prefers over non-soluable minerals.


Many people don't know that you can actually develop a salt deficiency (aka hyponatremia) by not consuming enough salt.  What happens is that when what little salt you have is excreted by the body, the body tries to restore its optimal salt to water ratios by excreting more water which can lead to dehydration strangely enough.  The dehydrated cells become acidic which wreaks havoc on ones circulation (acidity also being a key cause of cancer).   Natural salt also helps expend oxygen to all parts of the body which is a key cure to cancer. 

Natural (as opposed to refined) salt is crucial to sanitize the colon (it's a great detoxifier), digestion, kidney health, the ciruciloty system, the nervous system, and for muscles.  Those most apt to be deficient in salt include athletes and people taking certain prescription drugs. 

So how do you choose the right type of salt?  Get sea salt or Himalayan Crystal Salt.  Some sea salt is somewhat processed so you have to be careful.  Celtic sea salt is widely considered to be among the best type of sea salt.  The very best form of sea salt is probably Himilayan Crystal Salt.  The type of salt is free of pollution unlike sea salt.  Also the salt structure when examined under a microscope is considered to the be most perfect relative to sea salt, rock salt, and table salt.

Salt baths (1% solution to match a person's natural salt ratio) can also be an excellent remedy for skin, itching, and pain ailments. 

Used with a neti-pot 1% natural salt solution helps clean the nasal cavity.  1% salt solution is great as a eye solution to prevent dry eye as well.  Again with the 1% sole solution it's great for preventing ear infections as well.

Salt arosal sprays are used for sufferers of lung ailments (Microclimate dry saline aerosol therapy).   Taking this a step futher, spelaeotherapy is where they people live in salt caves for a while to cure their ailments.

Salt has some more esoteric applications as well.   Salt lamps when used with incandescent lights (the old style inefficient ones that kick off heat but not the nasty vibrations that florescent do which one should avoid) supposedly counteract the harmful affect of electromagnetic pollution.  They also purportedly release negative ions which clean up pollutants which have positive ions (especially electromagnetic polllution such as from electronics and lights).  Generally speaking negative ions are good and tend to be found in nature while positive ions are bad and tend to be found in artificial environments.  Some also believe salt lamps emit a energy vibration that harmonizes with our own bodies to create a healing affect.

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