Stinging Nettle Cure

Stinging nettle is a popular herbal treatment (especially in Germany) for a number of ailments.  It has been known to help with benighn prostatic hyperplasia, hives, hay fever, anemia, the immune system, neuralgia, and colds.

In a process called urtication, people will lash their arthritic joints with stinging nettles which irritates the area around the joint and improves circulation (and thereby helps alleviate the pain).

Taking orally (cooked of course to soften the stingers) is great for a number of prostate, urinary, and kidney symptoms.  For men, it can reduce frequency of urination and can help urinate more completely/fully thus reducing night time awakenings. The oral version is also great with arthritis.

Stinging nettles are super nutrients as they are very rich in chlorophyll, calcium, iron, and magnesium.  It also contains in trace amounts, colbat, selenium, potassium, tin, chromium, zinc, copper, niacin, sulphur, and phosphours.  They also contain vitamin a, vitamin b, vitamin c, vitamin d, and vitamin k.

Stinging nettles are alteratives which means they are natural blood cleansers so are great for your kidneys, endocrine system, and your hormones. 

For women, stinging nettle can help with breast milk production and vulval itching.

In homeopathy stinging nettle is referred to as Urtica urens and is used for a wide assortment of skin disorders, bites, and burns.

Applicable for Stinging Nettle

  Cough Info   Urinary-Problems Info   Urinary Tract Infection Info
  Tuberculosis Info   Rheumatoid Arthritis Info   Diarrhea Info
  Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia Info   Hemorrhoids Info   Gout Info
  Colds and Flu Info   Rash Info   Prostatitis Info
  Prostate Cancer Info   Osteoarthritis Info   Nose Bleed Info
  Kidney Stones Info   Kidney Disease Info   Inflammation Info
  Hives Info   Hay-Fever Info   Hair Loss Info
  Eczema Info   Diabetes Info   Dandruff Info
  Cuts Info   Bladder Infection Info   Asthma Info
  Allergies Info   Menstrual Issues Info   Insect Bites Info
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