Tea Tree Oil Cure

Tea tree oil is an old aboriginal home remedy from Australia that is a natural antifungal agent, antibacterial agent, and antiviral agent.  Tea tree oil was particularly prized by the Australian military to fight jungle rot and a number of other field ailments.

If you are pregnant or nursing, you might not want to take tea tree oil.

Applicable for Tea Tree Oil

  Yeast Infection Info   Warts Info   Sore Throat Info
  Hair Loss Info   Dandruff Info   Canker Sores Info
  Cuts Info   Insect Bites Info   Herpes Info
  Carbuncles Info   Candidiasis Info   Boils Info
  Bad Breath Info   Athletes Foot Info   Acne Info
  Abscesses Info   Laryngitis Info   Rash Info
  Sunburn Info   Wounds Info  
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