Vitamin C Cure

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant known to combat a wide variety of ailments.  The nice thing about Vitamin C is it 'has a lot of extra electrons' to donate, which nullifies damage caused by free radicals.  Another benefit is when taken with essential minerals, the body has a much easier time absorbing these minerals.

The best source is L-Ascorbic Acid or Left Handed Asorbic Acid.  Many companies artificially synthesise Vitamin C and produce D-Ascorbic Acid (which is bad for the body) instead of L-Ascorbic acid which is what the body needs.

Another good source of Vitamin C is Ascorbyl palmitate because this is fat-soluable and easier for the body to store compared to regular Vitamin C.  Some claim Ascorbyl Palmitate does a better job of cleaning up free radicals than Vitamin E.

Kevin Trudeau recommends the vitamin C sold from as this form gets absorbed in the liver as opposed to in the stomach which makes it more effective.

Applicable for Vitamin C

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