Vitamin E Cure

Vitamin E is a wonder supplement for circulatory system and all bodily function that depend on healthy circulation.  There are two main forms of Vitamin E...    D and L.  L is synthetic and not really usable by the body.  D and L is commonly combined to make DL...this form isn't that great and should be avoided (DL supposedly requires petrochemicals as part of its manufacturing process and these probably aren't very healthy for you).

The next thing to consider with Vitamin E is whether it is alpha (all synthetic E's are) or mixed (alpha + beta + gama + delta) which some natural forms of Vitamin E are.  It is recommended to choose mixed tocopherol over just alpha tocopherol Vitamin E.

Lastly, one has to consider whether the vitamin e has been artificially esterified or not.  Supposedly you don't want this, but if you do get a form that is esterified get 'alpha tocopherol succinate' version over 'alpha tocopherol nicotinate' or 'alpha tocopherol acetate' since a bunch of health studies really love this form.

The recommended dosage is probably 400 IU's.  Some argue more then this may cause liver damage, while others argue higher dosages are safer.  For example, a study in the New England Journal of Medicine showed that high doses of vitamin e (2000 IU's) slowed the progression of Alzheimers.  If you prefer to overdose on Vitamin E, it is recommended to take it in its natural form.  The National Academy of Sciences argues your daily allowance can be quite large (1500 IU's of the natural version or 1100 IU's of the synthetic version which you don't want to take).

Applicable for Vitamin E

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